About Custom Fresh

   Custom Fresh is a small business and our shop is based in Katy Texas. This business was built by the idea of caring for the individuals. We do not specialize in selling bulk orders to other huge companies but we do specialize in creating a personalized product for you!

   Lots of companies sell personalized air fresheners but what sets custom fresh apart is having the highest quality print without the need for a vector design and we do not require a minimum quantity. 

   Our customer service is our best form of advertisement. We ensure to give you the best customer service and help you be %100 satisfied with your order. We're a small business meaning we value you as a customer.

   Why Custom Fresh?

  • High Quality Print
  • Free shipping (In all lower 48 state in United States)
  • Free Design advice. We can guide you to ensure the best quality image . You can contact any time you want!
  • If you have any questions feel free to contact us with any questions you have!
  • Highest quality materials that makes your product vibrant and unique.